Cessna 510 Mustang

Cessna 510 Mustang

The Citation Mustang sets the standard in the Very Light Jets (VLJs). Designed to be a low cost upgrade for the twin prop customer, the Mustang offers high performance on a budget. With over 400 aircraft in operation around the globe, the Mustang is PrivateFly's most popular aircraft for flights under 1 hour.


  • First very light jet to be certified by the FAA 
  • Highly cost-effective for private jet charter
  • 425 Mustangs manufactured and delivered
  • Well designed spacious interior

Comfort and Size

The aircraft seats four passengers in a cosy but sleek cabin. With its six large oval windows and club seating the cabin feels wide open. There is a high-end, hand-crafted luxury sedan sensation about the space. The cabin has executive tables, refreshment storage and all-leather seating.


Manufacturer Cessna
Seats 4
Luggage Capacity 57 cu.ft.
Model Cessna 510 Mustang
Speed 330 kts
Interior Height 1.37 m
Classification Small Jet
Range 1050 nm
Interior Width 1.4 m