Boeing 747-200

Boeing 747-200

The original 'Queen of the Skies', the Jumbo Jet is arguably the most recognizable passenger jet flying. A key part of many airline's fleets, can take up to 500 passengers on up to 14 hour flights.


  • Largest aircraft available for charter
  • Carries up to 500 passengers
  • Iconic aircraft
  • Long flight range

Comfort and Size

Seats 350 - 500 passengers in various configurations from all Economy to 3 class (First, Business and Economy) Full galleys on board.     


Manufacturer Boeing
Seats 450
Luggage Capacity 850 cu.ft.
Model Boeing 747-200
Speed 400 kts
Interior Height 3.45 m
Classification Large Airliner
Range 6600 nm
Interior Width 2.13 m