Boeing 737-400

Boeing 737-400

The Boeing 737 is an American short to medium range, single aisle, narrow body jet airliner. With over 7,000 ordered and over 5,000 delivered, it is the most ordered and produced commercial passenger jet of all time, and has been continuously manufactured by Boeing since 1967.


  • 170 seat configuration 
  • Private bathrooms 
  • Fully equipped hot and cold food facilities

Comfort and Size

The passenger cabin on the Boeing Next-Generation 737s has a new look, providing passengers with comfortable, aesthetically pleasing surroundings. Operators get a cabin that is both durable and flexible. The interior floor, wall and seat materials stand up to wear and tear, and can be easily cleaned. Optional, convertible seats make it possible to quickly change the passenger cabin to accommodate a variety of airline seat configuration requirements.    


Manufacturer Boeing
Seats 170
Luggage Capacity 640 cu.ft.
Model Boeing 737-400
Speed 400 kts
Interior Height 3.26 m
Classification Large Airliner
Range 2500 nm
Interior Width 2.13 m