Mantis Services International LLC.

It was born in 2010 in the city of Miami Florida, with the idea of its founder and president, Captain Alejandro Mayorga and his partner, Mr. Larry Gamboa, where the borders have not been a limit for these two visionaries of the aeronautical market, with presence in: Miami, New York, Madrid, London, Hong Kong, Panama, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

MANTIS SERVICES INTERNATIONAL LLC. is an aviation company that has a team of professionals from different parts of the world, with more than 20 years of experience in the aeronautical market and makes available a fleet of aircraft, executive, private flights, sanitary and charter flights from 5 to 556 passengers, in addition to working as an air broker. We also provide all kinds of equipment and supplies for airports, terminals and aircraft.

We provide excellent services to companies, airports, governments, people and brokers from all over the world. We believe in providing unique and personalized experiences on each flight. Always attentive to the needs that each of our clients have. Every customer is unique and we want them to feel cared for and understood, generating the desire to continue traveling with us.

MANTIS SERVICES INTERNATIONAL LLC. security, comfort, exclusivity, responsibility, punctuality and the best rates in the aeronautical market.