An 28

An 28

Designed and built in the Ukraine by Antonov Design Bureau, the AN-28 conducted its first flight in September 1969. The unique shape of the AN-28 allows it to operate out of extremely harsh terrains with rough unpaved runways, allowing passengers to fly directly into remote locations.


  • Up to 20 seat configuration
  • Facilities for hot and cold food preparation
  • Flexible interior layouts
  • Toilet facility

Comodidad y Tamaño

The AN 28 is able to accommodate a maximum of 20 passengers in high density configuration. The flexible interior design allows seats to easily be removed, utilizing the aircraft’s wide box-shaped cabin for cargo transport operations.


Fabricante Antonov
Asientos 18
Capacidad de Equipaje NA
Modelo An 28
Velocidad 190 kts
Altura Interior 1.86 m
Clasificación Regional Airliner
Rango 736 nm
Ancho Interior 2.65 m