Falcon 2000DX

Falcon 2000DX

The Falcon 2000 is the latest member of the Falcon business jet line. Its transcontinental range capabilities and superb cabin features make it a great choice for long-range and overwater flights.


  • Falcon 2000DX features Passenger capacity: 10 (some up to 12)
  • Large cases: 6
  • Hand luggage: 2
  • Other: 2 sets of golf clubs
  • Large comfortable cabin
  • High performance and range
  • Separate private bathrooms
  • Flight range: 2975nm equivalent to London to Kuwait

Comodidad y Tamaño

Being designed for transcontinental flights, the Falcon 2000 boasts a spacious cabin for up to 8 passengers with all the cabin features that would be expected of a jet of this size.


Fabricante Dassault
Asientos 10
Capacidad de Equipaje 134 cu.ft.
Modelo Falcon 2000DX
Velocidad 430 kts
Altura Interior 1.88 m
Clasificación Long Range Jet
Rango 2975 nm
Ancho Interior 2.34 m