Legacy 650

Legacy 650

The brand new addition to Embraer's business jet range, the Legacy 650 is an advanced, exciting and highly desirable. The aircraft is an extended version of the popular Legacy 600 and will be a superb aircraft for long range travel.

The Embraer Legacy 650 is a very popular aircraft amongst high net worth individuals; owners include Jackie Chan and Lord Sugar.


  • New and exciting addition to long range fleet 
  • Extended performance and passenger comfort 
  • State of the art entertainment systems 
  • Full hot and cold catering facilities

Comodidad y Tamaño

The Legacy 650 takes comfort to a new level, with a large, stylish and well appointed cabin. Seating up to 14 passengers in pure comfort, the aircraft features large leather seats, and state of the art entertainment options. The aircraft has a large bathroom and full hot and cold catering facilities.


Fabricante Embraer
Asientos 13
Capacidad de Equipaje 286 cu.ft.
Modelo Legacy 650
Velocidad 420 kts
Altura Interior 1.83 m
Clasificación Long Range Jet
Rango 3900 nm
Ancho Interior 2.11 m