Tecnam P2006T

Tecnam P2006T

Tecnam's P2006T aircraft is one of the lightest twin engined aircraft on the private aircraft charter market..


  • Light and fuel efficient aircraft
  • Short landing and take-off distance requirements - flexible for landing at smaller airports
  • Stylish Italian designed interior
  • Separate luggage compartment

Comodidad y Tamaño

The Tecnam P2006T is an Italian designed twin engine aircraft. The aircraft's interior design maximises the use of the available space with comfortable seats and 2 doors.

The aircraft has a spacious (350 litre) luggage compartment which is accessible from an external door.


Fabricante Tecnam
Asientos 2
Capacidad de Equipaje 12 cu.ft.
Modelo Tecnam P2006T
Velocidad 140 kts
Altura Interior 3.0 ft
Clasificación Small Prop Aircraft
Rango 742 nm
Ancho Interior 4.0 ft