Shorts 330

Shorts 330

The Shorts 330 is a British regional airliner and commercial freighter aircraft developed by Short Brothers. The Shorts 330 is powered by two Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6A-45 turboprops providing a top speed of 352 kmh and a range of 362 km fully laden. The cabin was the result of a collaboration with Boeing engineers who modelled the interior space, fittings and decor after larger airliners.


  • Up to 30 seat configuration 
  • Impressive payload capability 
  • Fully equipped hot and cold food facilities 
  • Toilet facility

Comodidad y Tamaño

The 330 was somewhat slower than most of its pressurised competition, but it built up a reputation as a comfortable, quiet and rugged airliner. The quiet running of the Pratt & Whitney PT6A-65R was largely due to an efficient reduction gearbox.It seats 30 passengers at a very comfortable 30-inch seat pitch.        


Fabricante Shorts
Asientos 30
Capacidad de Equipaje 1391 cu.ft.
Modelo Shorts 330
Velocidad 190 kts
Altura Interior 1.86 m
Clasificación Regional Airliner
Rango 460 nm
Ancho Interior 1.83 m