Hawker 600

Hawker 600

The Hawker 600 is a fast twin-engine corporate aircraft for up to 8 passengers. The Hawker 600 has a maximum cruise speed of 500 mph and a range of 1,471 miles. 


  • Stand-up cabin
  • Up to 8 seat configuration 
  • Hot and cold drink facility 
  • Toilet facility

Comodidad y Tamaño

The cabin of the Hawker 600 can hold eight passengers. Amenities like fold-out work tables and a radio phone come as standard, and a fax machine, microwave, and coffee maker can be added as desired.


Fabricante British Aerospace / Hawker Siddeley
Asientos 8
Capacidad de Equipaje 40 cu.ft.
Modelo Hawker 600
Velocidad 400 kts
Altura Interior 1.8 m
Clasificación Medium Jet
Rango 1090 nm
Ancho Interior 1.74 m